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a year of socks

I need more hand knit socks.  It has been decided.  The only way that this is going to happen, though, is if I knit them.  Hence, a year of socks.

The goal?  To finish knitting one pair of socks per month for the next year, starting in November.  Finishing UFOs will count.

First up: . . . → Read More: a year of socks

The best laid plans…

..are always the ones that seem to fail.  Most especially when it comes to me.  Oh well!  I’m gonna make them anyway.  It’s what I do.

Let’s talk a little about knitting, shall we?  I have way, way, way too many WIPs in my house, many of which haven’t seen the light of day . . . → Read More: The best laid plans…

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

I have to say that my maiden voyage to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was a success.  I had a great time and, as usual, took fewer photos than I would have liked.  Regardless, I think a small recap is in order.

My little group of knitting conspirators arrived at the festival at . . . → Read More: Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011