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Yesterday's News

Two things of note about yesterday:

The first shipment of The Unique Sheep‘s The Ram Club, Series 2 showed up at my doorstep… well, actually in my neighbor’s living room but that’s beside the point… The second sock came off the needles!!!

More details to come – most likely over the weekend, the only . . . → Read More: Yesterday's News

On the thrill of socks

I finished knitting my first sock ever on Thursday night.  Don’t believe me?  No?  Well then, what do you call this?

Told you…

Anywho, I was absolutely thrilled to have finished the sock.  So thrilled, in fact, that I roused Andrew from half-sleep to have a look at it when it was finished.  . . . → Read More: On the thrill of socks

LoTR Sock Club Shipment 1

SPOILER WARNING:  For those of you who are part of The Unique Sheep‘s Lord of The Rings Sock Club and haven’t yet received your February shipment, please skip this post for now.

For the rest of you, please click through to see some photos of the wonderful goodies…

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