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Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

I have to say that my maiden voyage to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was a success.  I had a great time and, as usual, took fewer photos than I would have liked.  Regardless, I think a small recap is in order.

My little group of knitting conspirators arrived at the festival at . . . → Read More: Maryland Sheep and Wool 2011

Maryland Preview

Meet my haul from today’s visit to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.

Yes; that’s lots of yarn. Yes; there is a distinct lack of orange.

More details of the festival (and the haul) to come… Stay tuned!


I have been away for way too long.

Life, as it often does, caught up with me in a very big way over the past month or so.  A combination of work, class and personal engagements and endeavors left little time for blogging.  While things don’t really show any sign of slowing down, I . . . → Read More: Surfacing