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Day 1.5: 16 March 2009 (Still)

When we last left our hero (me), he was running away from a group of children…  Ok, let’s ignore that fact…

Andrew, his parents and I headed back across Harajuku Girl Bridge (this time a bit fuller but still no really interesting costumes) towards the famous Takeshitadouri, the main pedestrian only shopping street in . . . → Read More: Day 1.5: 16 March 2009 (Still)

The Small Epiphanies

I had an epiphany last week.  It was a small one, but an epiphany nonetheless.  It was a crochet epiphany, to be exact.

Since childhood, I have harbored this unnatural fear that I am somehow physically unable to crochet.  My mother taught me how to crochet many times but it never really stuck.  It . . . → Read More: The Small Epiphanies