Keep up with the addict

Who? Me?

I have to say that I’m flabbergasted and flattered that there are actually people who read the drivel I spout here on my blog.  I’m even more surprised that there are people who actually read on a regular basis.  More surprising still, there’s one reader who went so far as to give me an award for my efforts.  Don’t believe me?  Just look…

See; I told you.

I was recently awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Yarndude, regular marginalia reader and blogger at Knitting With a “Y”.  I really enjoy reading Yarndude’s blog and learning about his fiber-y exploits and adventures.  I also wish I had at least half of his drop spindle spinning skills…

Anyway, before I forget, a part of the award’s stipulations is that I have to identify some of the blogs that I think are worthy of praise and recognition.  From what I could find while surfing the internets, there seems to be some confusion about the number of awards to be handed out by each recipient – five or seven.  So, because I read so many wonderful blogs that are equally worthy of praise, I’m going with the greatest number possible.

The decision process was extremely difficult but, in the end, my seven awards are as follows (in alpha order):