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The Small Epiphanies

I had an epiphany last week.  It was a small one, but an epiphany nonetheless.  It was a crochet epiphany, to be exact.

Since childhood, I have harbored this unnatural fear that I am somehow physically unable to crochet.  My mother taught me how to crochet many times but it never really stuck.  It probably had something to do with the fact that everything I attempted to crochet turned out looking like crap.  I always ended up with less stitches than I was supposed to have or my supposed-to-be-straight scarf would slowly start to drift to one side or another without my permission.  Crochet was, I thought, a lost cause, which is a shame really, seeing as how I’m going to be going to what seems to be the crochet capital of the world this month, Japan.  I felt that going to Japan this time (what with all the craft shopping I have lined up) without knowing how to crochet at least passably was, somehow, sacrilegious.

So it was with grim determination that I sat down two weekends ago with some yarn, some crochet hooks and the internets in order to figure out how this whole crocheting thing works.  What do you know, I succeeded!!  Besides a few successful swatches, this is what I came up with:

The ubiquitous dishcloth.  This one is based on the pattern for the Hi-Five Towel, just made to be dishcloth sized.  I love the stitch pattern.

I think that all the knitting that I have done in the years since my initial forays into the craft has helped me to be able to identify stitches, one of the major hurdles I could not seem to overcome during my previous attempts at crocheting.  Chaining before turning also helps, as does staying calm.  So, it turns out I’m not as crochet-deficient as I originally thought and that makes me extremely happy!!  So happy, in fact, that I started and finished another – slightly more ambitious – project this past weekend…

Would you like a closer look?

More on him in another post…