Keep up with the addict


My apologies for the prolonged blog silence.  I promise that I haven’t forgotten about or abandoned marginalia.

Things have just been a bit hectic around here, as they’re want to be during December.  I thought, however, that I would provide you with a list of some things that have been happening since my last post:

  1. I had a cold.  Thankfully not a very bad one but, let’s just say that it makes me more appreciative of the days that I can breathe normally.
  2. I’ve been giving some very serious thought to purchasing clear Chucks so that I can show off my hand knit socks…
  3. Speaking of socks, the second of the pair of socks that I’m designing has come off the needles and it is now time for pattern writing.
  4. Speaking of patterns, I still have not completed the pattern for the Railroad Mitts… but I did knit a second prototype!
  5. In other news, I’ve started the monumental undertaking of purging, reorganizing and relocating my craft stuff from all over the house into a more centralized and contained location.  This may also include the production of a database to track my stash…  Progress update are forthcoming.
  6. Speaking of stash, I’ve still be considering this whole yarn diet thing and I’m still not sure of the details.  I really have to start getting this into some concrete terms.
  7. On the baking front, I have been pining after a myriad of new-to-me cookie recipes – for example, these sesame-encrusted Biscotti di Regina, these flourless Basler Brunsli and these alluringly simple Hazelnut-Anise Cookies – and cannot, for the life of me, make a decision as to which ones I want to try along with the entire host of my usual holiday favorites.  I’m stuck in cookie gridl0ck, as it were.
  8. Lastly, we had our first, albeit mostly insignificant, snowfall of the year this past Saturday and are now awaiting the arrival of some more tonight.  I’m thinking that perhaps a snow day is in the works for this winter…  although it’s highly unlikely given the insanity of my university’s administration.  Also, on a side note, if you’re not getting your weather from CNN in the morning, you should be.  Why?  Because of this:

Rob Marciano

Rob Marciano: 40-something, smokin’ hot meteorologist.  Check out some more lovely photos and an interview over at OHLALAMag.  Go on.  You know you want to.  You know you can’t resist…