Keep up with the addict

The best laid plans…

..are always the ones that seem to fail.  Most especially when it comes to me.  Oh well!  I’m gonna make them anyway.  It’s what I do.

Let’s talk a little about knitting, shall we?  I have way, way, way too many WIPs in my house, many of which haven’t seen the light of day in more than a year.  It’s quite sad, really.  I feel the weight of the projects on my shoulders, so to speak.

So, I think that it is time that go through all of these projects and decide whether to finish or frog each one.  I haven’t done this yet; don’t expect that discussion to happen in this post.  What I have done, though, is restrain myself from casting on new projects recently, in an effort to get through some of the WIPs that I know I want to finish.

This restriction is killing me a bit on the inside.  There are just so, so many new projects that I want to be knitting RIGHT NOW!

In an effort to maintain my sanity, I’m going to be taking the advice of friend and fellow knitter (and blogger), Anj.  She suggests working on projects in pairs, one old and one new, finishing each pair before moving on to the next, until all the WIPs (or some predetermined number) are dealt with.  In order to get to the part of the process where I pair projects, I need two lists: 1) WIPs that I want to finish and 2) new projects I’m itching to knit.  Rather than start with the list of WIPs that need finishing, I decided to start with the new project planning, just to keep things positive.

Here are the projects I’ve been contemplating and lusting after recently, in no particular order:

Lest you be worried that I do not have enough WIPs to pair with these new and shiny projects, I assure you I can think of 7 WIPs off the top of my head, which is more than the number of new project plans I have shared with you in this post.  Next up, I need to go through my WIPs; expect a blog post about it!