Keep up with the addict


I have been away for way too long.

Life, as it often does, caught up with me in a very big way over the past month or so.  A combination of work, class and personal engagements and endeavors left little time for blogging.  While things don’t really show any sign of slowing down, I have realized that I miss blogging and I have things that I want to share…

Some things I want to post about soon:

  1. some recent and some not-so-recent FOs
  2. recipes – some new, some old
  3. photographs – some new, some old
  4. Japan – after all, I have to finish posting about that vacation I took in March…

Unfortunately, I’m not at home with my computer and my stuff; so, I can’t produce any of these posts for you right this second…  I also have class tonight, but maybe – just maybe – I’ll be able to prepare something to have up tomorrow when I get home late tonight.

Oh, also, the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck is next weekend and I’m going again this year.  I’m really, really excited!!  I get to hang out with my knitters, meet other woolly-minded folks, squish some pretty yarn, pet wonderful fiber animals and eat yummy food.  I just can’t wait!!  This year, I’m going to try to spend less money and take more photos…  Last year, I took a total of about one “nice” (Yes; those are scare quotes.  Got something to say?) photo:

Some adorable angora goats!!  And…oh wait…that’s it…

So, yeah.  Definitely more photographs this year.

By the way, anyone have any suggestions for must see vendors – you know, to help me spend less money?