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Soundtrack for Sunday: 24 January 2010

Life continues to hurtle forward, full steam ahead…

  1. Full Steam :: David Gray [Draw The Line]
  2. Engines :: Snow Patrol [A Hundred Million Suns]
  3. Hard On You :: Rob Thomas [Cradlesong]
  4. Love Is The End :: Keane [Perfect Symmetry]
  5. Careless :: Amos Lee [Supply And Demand]
  6. Summer At Eureka :: Pete Murray [Summer At Eureka]
  7. Vegetable Car :: Joshua Radin [Simple Times]
  8. Sail Away :: David Gray [White Ladder]
  9. Babys :: Bon Iver [Blood Bank]
  10. Tapes :: Alanis Morissette [Flavors Of Entanglement]

Confused? Don’t be; check out what this post is about by reading up on the concept behind Soundtrack for Sunday.

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