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Soundtrack for Sunday: 15 November 2009

Today is unusually warm for the middle of November; it is almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sitting on the front porch, writing this post, it feels like I am surrounded by a sundrenched world.

  1. Sundrenched World :: Joshua Radin [We Were Here]
  2. You Got Growin Up To Do :: Joshua Radin & Patty Griffin [Simple Times]
  3. I Saw :: Matt Nathanson [Beneath These Fireworks]
  4. Clear The Area :: Imogen Heap [Speak For Yourself]
  5. Sympathize :: Amos Lee [Supply And Demand]
  6. Field Below :: Regina Spektor [Begin To Hope]
  7. Paper Bag :: Fiona Apple [When The Pawn…]
  8. Don’t Look Away :: Joshua Radin [First Between 3rd and 4th]
  9. Shy That Way :: Tristan Prettyman [Twentythree]
  10. Plane :: Jason Mraz [Mr. A-Z]

Confused? Don’t be; check out what this post is about by reading up on the concept behind Soundtrack for Sunday.

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