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Soundtrack for Sunday: 08 November 2009

Starting things off with some music new to my library that I’m enjoying immensely:

  1. Go Ahead :: Rilo Kiley [Take Offs And Landings]
  2. Red Right Ankle :: The Decemberists [Her Majesty]
  3. Wake Up Exhausted :: Tegan And Sara [So Jealous]
  4. Make War :: Bright Eyes [Motion Sickness]
  5. Poor Little Rich Boy :: Regina Spektor [Soviet Kitsch]
  6. Dress Up In You :: Belle & Sebastian [The Life Pursuit]
  7. Good Friday :: CocoRosie [La Maison de Mon Rêve]
  8. Somebody That I Used To Know :: Elliot Smith [Figure 8]
  9. Modern Romance :: Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Fever To Tell]
  10. My Slumbering Heart :: Rilo Kiley [The Execution Of All Things]

Confused? Don’t be; check out what this post is about by reading up on the concept behind Soundtrack for Sunday.

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