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Size Matters

Honestly, this statement is true of many things in life and this little life truth has really come to light for me because of two recent events, both of which have left me disappointed with the current state of my world.

First up, I am going to be getting my own office at work.  I first found out about this at the end of December and I was, understandably, excited.  The emphasis here being on was.  I was excited, until yesterday.  Why?  This is why…

Yesterday, I took measurements of my soon to be office space and my furniture.  I then tried to fit everything together into a cohesive floor plan.  That is the point where the disappointment set in.  Granted the space has a window and a door, both of which are pluses, but the space is going to be very limited…  I’m sacrificing the relative open space I now have for the privacy that is necessary for my job.  The whole situation has left me slightly disappointed, but hopeful that I can come up with a workable solution.

The second dissapointment – sadly, perhaps more profound than the first – can be best explained by a graphical representation:

Please note that the amount and location of the cream filling within the donut is designated by the white splotches.

My conclusions:

  1. Change is not always progressive.
  2. Things are not “built” like they used to be.
  3. Size matters.