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prep work

I am super excited about my upcoming trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend.  As I’ve mentioned, this will be my first year attending, so I don’t know what to expect, but everyone I’ve heard from has had wonderful things to say about the festival.

In order to get the most out of the experience, I thought I would do some prep work.

I started by considering the projects for which I might be interested in searching out yarn at the festival.  Topping the list that I came up with is my house colors project for this year’s trip to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival: Nudibranch!  Octavius, the Socktopus, was a bit of smash hit at last year’s festival.

What’s that?  You say: “I’ve never seen this Octavius of which you speak…”  Well, that means that you weren’t at last year’s festival with me!  It could also mean that I haven’t done an FO post for him…  I did mean to produce one, honest.  I will get to it.  How about an old family photo that I dug up to tide you over until then?

Octavius, the Socktopus

Is that better?  Ok.  Back to the original point of the post!

Since I had such a wonderful time making Octavius and he seemed to be enjoyed by everyone who noticed him perched atop by shoulder while wandering the festival, I thought that I would tackle another amigurumi project for this year’s trip.  I  have been admiring the Nudibranch pattern for quite a while now and thought it could make a good wearable project for the festival.  I’m thinking of making a small family of nudibranches, one or two in the worsted weight called for in the pattern and several from dk, sport and/or fingering weight.

This year’s color is orange, about which I’m super excited!!  So, I’ll be looking out for some good oranges and some accent colors like blue, green and red.  If you have any somewhat substantial scraps you’d like to donate to the cause, I’m all ears!

The other projects I’d like to find some yarn for include:

  • Cabled Cowl – I love the look of the natural colored wool that is used in the pattern photos; it looks like an aran sweater for your neck!  I’m pretty sure that I want to make this in a natural colored wool, I’m just not sure yet what shade I want.  This particular tri-colored version, though, is quite fun and inspiring.
  • Stripe Study Shawl – I’ve fallen in fast and furious love with this pattern.  There are so many wonderful examples on Ravelry.  My particular favorites are this one, this one and this one.  While I haven’t yet decided on exactly what I’d like to do with mine, I’m hoping I’ll get inspired while looking at gorgeous yarns during the festival…  Somehow, I don’t think that will be a problem.

Beyond these, there are quite a few stranded mitten and hat projects in my queue that I’m hoping to get some yarn for at the Cestari Ltd. booth.  A particular member of my knitting group picked up some yarn there from which some beautiful mitts were knit.  Ever since I saw how wonderfully it knit up, I have been lusting after the yarn, wanting to pick up a myriad of colors to keep on hand for stranded projects.  Consequently, this booth is a must visit destination.

A quick look over the vendor list also brought a couple more must visit booths to my attention.  First, I discovered that my favorite crack alpaca vendor from my trips to Rhinebeck these past few years will be there: A Touch of Twist.  Second, I want to stop and pet yarn at the Bijou Basin Ranch booth.  Who know, perhaps I might splurge on some yak yarn…

Well, that’s all I came up with.  Does anyone have any suggestion for other must visit booths?  Or perhaps some food to try?  Or, most importantly, patterns for which I should be considering purchasing yarn?!