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Photographic Friday: setup

setup \set-ˌəp\ noun

  1. a: carriage of the body; especially: erect and soldierly bearing; b: constitution, makeup
  2. a: the assembly and arrangement of the tools and apparatus required for the performance of an operation; b: the preparation and adjustment of machines for an assigned task
  3. a: a table setting; b: glass, ice and mixer served to patrons who supply their own liquor
  4. a: a camera position from which a scene is filmed; also: the footage taken from one camera position; b: the final arrangement of the scenery and properties for a scene of a theatrical or cinematic production
  5. a: a position of the balls in billiards or pool from which it is easy to score; b: a task or context purposely made easy; c: something easy to get or accomplish; d: something (as a plot) that has been constructed or contrived; e: the execution of a planned scoring play in sports
  6. a: the manner in which the elements or components of a machine, apparatus or mechanical, electrical or hydraulic system are arranged, designed or assembled; b: the patterns within which political, social or administrative forces operate; customary or established practice
  7. project, plan
  8. something done by deceit or trickery in order to compromise or frame someone


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from Flickr user funkandjazz

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Definition retrieved from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary on 16 July 2009.