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Photographic Friday: peripatetic

1peripatetic \ˌper-ə-pə-te-tik\ noun

  1. capitalized: a follower of Aristotle or adherent of Aristotelianism
  2. pedestrian; itinerant
  3. plural: movement or journeys hither and thither

ETYMOLOGY: [15th century]

2peripatetic \ˌper-ə-pə-te-tik\ adjective

  1. capitalized: Aristotelian
  2. a: of, relating to or given to walking; b: moving or traveling from place to place; itinerant

ETYMOLOGY: Middle French & Latin; Middle French peripatetique, from Latin peripateticus, from Greek peripatetikos, from peripatein to walk up and down, discourse while pacing (as did Aristotle), from peri + patein to tread; akin to Spanish patha path [1566]
-peripatetically adverb
-Peripateticism noun

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Hugner arrives
from Flickr user Brendan Adkins

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Definition retrieved from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary on 5 August 2009.