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Photographic Friday: English

1English \iŋ-glish\ or \iŋ-lish\ adjective

  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of England, the English people or the English Language

ETYMOLOGY: Middle English, from Old English englisc, from Engle (plural) Angles [before 12th century]
-Englishness noun

2English \iŋ-glish\ or \iŋ-lish\ noun

  1. a: the language of the people of England and the United States and many areas now or formerly under British control; b: a particular variety of English distinguished by peculiarities (as of pronunciation); c: English language, literature or composition when a subject of study
  2. plural in construction: the people of England
  3. a: an English translation; b: idiomatic or intelligible English
  4. spin around the vertical axis deliberately imparted to a ball that is driven or rolled

ETYMOLOGY: [before 12th century]
-COM: draw, follow, body English

3English \iŋ-glish\ or \iŋ-lish\ transitive verb

  1. to translate into English
  2. to adopt into English; Anglicize

ETYMOLOGY: [14th century]

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More English shoes
from Flickr user justmakeit

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Definition retrieved from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary on 31 July 2009.