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On the knitting bug and related diseases

Please recall, if you will, that knitting bug that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Well, I do still knit (even though I’m terrible about updating you all on my knitting endeavors) and, this season, I have been hit by the knitting bug big time.  So much so that I go through physical feelings of withdraw during my working hours where no knitting is in my hands. If I didn’t think I’d get fired, I might take to knitting at work – during meetings, over “smoke” breaks and perhaps during advising sessions with students…  I really have knitting on the brain.

This year, though, it is not just the knitting bug that I caught but also design disease.  You know the disease of which I speak, right?  The one where you seem to blackout for hours when you sit down to flip through some stitch dictionaries.  The one that makes you wake up in a cold sweats some nights, needing to hurriedly scribble out the idea for that afghan you just dreamed of, and on other nights gives you insomnia as the little voices in your head whisper to you: “just one more repeat… and another… and another…”  Yeah; that one.

So, I don’t need to tell you that I have recently felt the overwhelming need to take on a multitude of design ventures, mostly knitting related.  My brain has been on constant overdrive, with ideas popping into my head at all hours of the day and night.  They especially like to creep in while I’m trying to get some work done on a deadline, while attempting to stay awake in class or am on the verge of falling asleep.

Anyway, one of these pesky ideas was for a pair of socks.  The first sock of said pair has come off the needles and, so, I thought that I’d share it with you:

I haven’t yet been struck by the naming sickness; so, the design currently is nameless.

As you can see, I’ve haven’t opted for my usual eye of partridge heel.  I rather like the more structured look of the slipped stitch rib in this design.  I think it goes well with, but doesn’t outshine the main stitch pattern, which I am deeply in love with.

I apologize for the craptastic photography, by the way.  The daylight continues to elude me these days.  It’s mostly dark when I wake up in the mornings and fully dark when I leave work in the evening and those pesky blackouts and a full social calendar steal my weekends away.  Consequently, I had to clandestinely take these photos over lunch at work… in a very awkward space…  so as not to look like a complete fool…