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happy things for hump day, 2011.#14

It’s Wednesday. I need some happy things to get me over that hump in the middle of the week. I thought you might, too; so, some of the things that have made me smile recently:

  1. Browsing Fomato Cards.  Irreverant, hilarious greeting cards.  I need some!!  Current favorites include: Potatoes (mostly because I love potatoes!!), Tarjé (who doesn’t love it?!) and Meat (long live bacon for dessert!!)
  2. Looking forward to rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies (1 thru 7a) in anticipation of going to see Harry Potter 7b, which comes out this Friday.  Andrew and I have a personal movie marathon planned for this weekend; I’m gonna drown myself in popcorn!
  3. Lusting after this piece of awesome needlework.  Way cool.

That’s it for now! Happy Hump Day!! Hope you too find something that makes you smile.