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happy things for hump day, 2011.#12

It’s Wednesday. I need some happy things to get me over that hump in the middle of the week. I thought you might, too; so, some of the things that have made me smile recently:

  1. Reading comics from The Oatmeal.  Current favorites include Why I love and hate having a Smartphone and This is how I feel about buying apps.
  2. Listening to my Pandora JBoys station.  I’ve been trying to get Pandora to only play songs by male artists who have names that begin with ‘J’ on this station.  It is more successful on some days than others…  and be forewarned that it does contain music from Justin Bieber…  unfortunately he fits the criteria…  at least as far as I know…
  3. Looking through photos of cute boys with cats.  No; it’s not a new site but it has cheered me up this week.  It combines two of my favorite things!  Therefore, it’s a total WIN!!

That’s it for now! Happy Hump Day!! Hope you too find something that makes you smile.