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happy things for hump day, 2011.#08

It’s Wednesday. I need some happy things to get me over that hump in the middle of the week. I thought you might, too; so, some of the things that have made me smile recently:

  1. Watching some Korean cooking videos over at Cooking Korean food with Maangchi.  I rediscovered Maangchi’s awesome blog and cooking videos while researching some pickle recipes that I’d like to try this summer.  Her videos are fun and informative if a bit crazy at times, with the accompanying blog showing lots of photos, detailed recipes and many hints and tips for people wanting to cook traditional Korean food in America.  Here’s a sample video about making quick kimchi (a whole 10 lbs of it!) to whet your appetite:

    Besides this kimchi, I’m currently eying up the following recipes: Kkaennip kimchi and jangajji, Sujebi (hand torn noodle soup) and Rainbow rice cake (mujigae ddeok). I can’t wait to get started!!

  2. If you aren’t into Korean food, but are in to Japanese food, check out Cooking with Dog’s YouTube channel. Providing amusing cooking videos, narrated by a miniature poodle named Francis, this series provides a lot of good information for making very traditional Japanese dishes. Here’s one of my favorites, melonpan:

    I have to make some soon…

  3. Lusting after the motivation to grow ferns from spores by following this Instructables tutorial.  I love ferns.  Andrew and I have a quite a few of them planted outside and I am always fascinated by their spores.   This would be a good way of getting more ferns for the yard… and perhaps the house.

That’s it for now! Happy Hump Day!! Hope you too find something that makes you smile.