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happy things for hump day, 2011.#02

It’s Wednesday. I need some happy things to get me over that hump in the middle of the week. I thought you might, too; so, some of the things that have made me smile recently:

  1. Following the Twitter-verse for posts with the #iphoneography hashtag.  Go ahead, try it out.  Some of the photos are just amazing!
  2. Listening to KT Tunstall‘s album Eye to the Telescope.  I always forget how much I love it…
  3. Thinking about visiting a cat cafe the next time I’m in Japan.  Seriously.  The concept is very Japanese and the kitties are adorable!  Needs!!  Curious?  Check out these two videos: Cat Cafe in Tokyo (The cats are adorable but I fear for the one hanging out in the window…) and Kansai Walker Neko Cafe Review (This cafe has a lot of cats!  I think that my favorite, though, is the little gray one at about 2:06!)
  4. Dreaming about whipping up some vanilla bean pudding from a recipe posted over on smitten kitchen.  Have I ever told you how much I adore pudding?

That’s it for now! Happy Hump Day!! Hope you too find something that makes you smile.