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Goals, Part I

So, I think that I’ll start my discussion of short-term (read: one year or less) goals with one of my favorite topical interests: fiber arts!!!

The goals I currently have in mind are as follows:

  1. Focus my fiber arts activities on producing more stuff for myself.
  2. Knit at least one sweater.
  3. Knit at least three pairs of socks.
  4. Learn fair isle knitting.
  5. Learn how to spin using a drop spindle.
  6. Produce a project that incorporates sashiko.
  7. Produce at least one knitting pattern.

“So what’s the game plan?”, you may rightly be asking.  Well, the plan is to set deadlines and break each goal down into smaller goals/tasks, if possible.  I’ve taken stab at breaking it down and setting some deadlines in a spreadsheet format which you can access here to follow my progress.  I will update this spreadsheet as necessary, adding tabs for other topical interests for which I’m setting goals.

In other fiber-related news, I’ve come to a decision regarding my first socks.  I have been working on my very first sock for a very long time, perhaps too long.  I was attempting to make a pair of the Earl Grey.  I absolutely adore the pattern; but, the sock that I have (mostly) produced is fraught with mistakes and a row counter induced issue that I will not be able to match in a second sock.  Consequently, the decision I’ve come to is to abandon the project.  I will most definitely produce a pair of Earl Grey at some point in time, but that point is not now and that pair does not include the sock that is currently occupying my needles.

Instead, in pursuit of meeting my goal to knit at least three pairs of socks this year, I will choose a different pattern to tackle for the first pair, perhaps something plain in a somewhat heavier yarn.  The decision is painful but necessary… for my sanity…