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Getting Old(er)

So, here I am, about a week out from my 30th birthday.  (*Gasp!*)  One week into “adulthood”.  (*shudder*, or something)

I feel that there are many people out there that think that a 30th birthday is a milestone, marking in some way the end of youth.  Somehow, 30 year olds are miraculously supposed to be all grown up, full-fledged adults so to speak.

While I have certainly come a long way from this:

Tiny Me

I don’t feel as though I have many more answers.  Quite the opposite, really.  I have a lot more questions.

I haven’t quite been contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  After all, we already have an answer to that.  I have, though, been thinking more about what I’d like my life to be like – what I’d like to do, how I’d like to change, the things that define me.  These kinds of thoughts have led me to the idea of creating my 40 before 40 list – a list of 40 things that I’d like to accomplish before I turn 40 in February 2022.

Here is a quick rundown of the list, in no particular order:

  1. Organize and record my yarn stash
  2. Organize and record my music
  3. Organize and record my books and ebooks
  4. Organize and digitize my recipes
  5. Make a family recipe book
  6. Organize my photographs – including digitizing non-digital photographs and negatives
  7. Make family photos available to family online
  8. Develop and implement a backup plan for my digital life
  9. Learn how to effectively use a calendar and a to-do list
  10. Create and implement a retirement plan
  11. Pay off my student loan
  12. Own a wooded piece of land, preferrably in the mountains with some running water
  13. Get to a point where I make more than 50% of my personal hygiene products from natural ingredients
  14. Learn enough herbal medicine to treat everyday issues (headaches, upset stomach, cough, etc.)
  15. Get to a healthy weight and maintain it
  16. Explore my spirituality
  17. Work up to a daily spiritual practice appropriate to my spiritual beliefs
  18. Become moderately proficient in the use of at least one divinatory tool/technique
  19. Learn to spin on a drop spindle
  20. Learn to weave on at least one type of loom
  21. Learn to dye yarn and fabric using natural dye materials
  22. Learn how to create a WordPress theme
  23. Design, code and launch a portfolio website
  24. Learn about Classical music
  25. Learn enough Japanese to read Death Note in Japanese
  26. Relearn enough Ancient Greek to read Homer’s Odyssey in Ancient Greek
  27. Read the ALA Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009 
  28. Knit a sweater for me
  29. Knit 40 pairs of socks for me, hopefully at the rate of 4 pairs per year
  30. Write a piece of fiction. Consider trying to publish it…
  31. Create at least one track of electronic music
  32. Take a weekend hiking trip along some part of the Appalachian Trail
  33. Take a week long camping trip, perhaps including hiking
  34. Take a vacation without a camera, without a guidebook and without making reservations; keep a trip journal
  35. Visit a national park
  36. Visit a rainforest
  37. Get a tattoo
  38. Find at least one penpal who resides outside the United States and maintain correspondence
  39. Send birthday cards on time
  40. Remember that I’m in a relationship, not a routine

I’m going to create a separate tracking page for the list and probably some sort of sidebar widget.  The tracking page will likely have some more detail and explanations about each item on the list.  So, feel free to check in on my progress every now and then.

How about you?  Do you have a “X before X” list or a bucket list?  If so, I’d like to hear about it…