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FO: I have to have one!!!

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn :: Merino Worsted [Lettuce (37 - 26032)] : 105yds/96m; Filatura Di Crosa :: 127 Print [26 - 0010] : 46.5yds/42.5m
Needles: Knit Picks Nickel Plated DPNs :: US6/4mm; Susan Bates DPNs :: US7/4.5mm
Start: 6 August 2009
Finish: 12 August 2009
Made for: me
Pattern: Botanic Hat [Stephen West]

First and foremost, I’m still here and still knitting!!  You wouldn’t know it from my blog activity lately, but it’s true…

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all one of my recent FOs, my Botanic Hat.  After seeing this pattern pop up on some of my regular blogs and over on Ravelry, I said to myself: “I have to have one!!!”  And now, I do.

I absolutely love this hat!  I was originally drawn to the pattern because of it’s architectural qualities.  I think that the lattice-like quality of the stockinette columns is striking and love the pattern that they create at the crown:

I also enjoyed the use of color in the pattern.  You can make the columns and stripes stick out to a greater or lesser degree depending on the colors you choose.

In this case, I wanted the columns to stand out but I didn’t want definitive stripes to be as noticeable an element.  So, I choose two colors that are far enough to from each other on the color wheel to provide the contrast for the columns but close enough in tone to blend together well in the stripes.   I think that the reverse side of this reversible hat shows the blending well:

Best of all, you still get the visual interest of the columns on this side and another beautiful crown:

As a bonus, both of these yarns were in my stash, which is a very good thing.  I really have to work on using up more of my stash to make some room for and not feel as guilty about my inevitable purchases at Rhinebeck this year.

The hat was very quick to knit and is toasty warm with all that wool.  So warm, in fact, that I started sweating just putting the hat on for this little photo shoot.  I guess that will be a good thing if it’s cold at Rhinebeck again this year.  Overall, the knitting experience and the end product have me thinking that I may just need to have another one soon…  Maybe one for each day of the festival…