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Family Photos: Holiday Joy

This week I have been thinking about where I’d really like to take marginalia in the year to come.  As part of this, I’ve been evaluating some of the “regular” features that I started over the life of the blog.  One such feature, Family Photos, was concerned with bringing you along on the journey of scanning some older family photos that I have stolen borrowed from my family.  Well, as you can imagine, the project got pushed to the side when life got busy.

As part of my evaluation and planning process, I decided that I’d like to continue the project and continue to share some of those photos and memories with you here on the blog.  After all, who could forget the Red Power Ranger costume and the beginnings of my yarn addiction?

In anticipation, I’ve been looking through some of the scans that I have saved on my computer, and I came across this photo of my first Christmas:

That’s me opening what would become one of my very favorite toys: a Fisher Price Chatter Telephone.  I used and abused that toy as a child, pulling it along with me everywhere I went.  So, you can imagine my excitement when, shopping at Target one day, I discovered that Fisher Price was starting to remanufacture some classic toys, include the Chatter Telephone!!  I just couldn’t resist purchasing one for my nephew Cole, who would be experiencing his first Christmas in 2010.  Here was his reaction:

He, seemed a tad bit more excited by the gift than I did in my photo, don’t you think?  Anyway, I hope that he gets many hours of enjoyment, dragging his telephone around as much as I did.