Keep up with the addict


Sorry about the blog silence this week.  Where exactly has the time gone?  A budget assignment for class…  Attending the opening of Apple’s first retail store in Philadelphia…  Work…  Various projects around the house…  And, finally, setting up everettgraphs!!

Some of you may currently be saying:  “Another blog?!  He can’t even keep up with one…”  To that, I say:  “…<chirp>… … uh … <chirp>… …  yeah…”

Well, regardless of my inability to justify my actions, I did resolve back in January to start a year-long photography project.  So, while I’m a little late getting started and also hopeful that this project will last longer than a year, I must say you were forewarned; you knew it was coming.

everettgraphs, what is it all about?  It’s about this:

Photographs taken with, edited on and posted from my iPhone4, Everett!  That’s right, it’s all done from my iPhone!!  At the very least, all of the photos will have been taken and edited only on Everett.  Some of the blogging and blog administration might be done outside of the iPhone interface when needed; however, I will be making every effort to get most of the work done on the iPhone.

I envision everettgraphs as mainly a platform to showcase the results of my experimentation with the many photography-related apps that are available on the iPhone.  I probably will, however, add some other types of posts as time goes on including but not limited to reviews of said apps, behind-the-scenes information about photo shoots (should I choose to do any) and showcases of the iPhone photography of others that I find interesting.

Interested?  Why not check out everettgraphs right now?!