Keep up with the addict

Could this be…

…the start of a new addiction?!

I think that it just might be!

I have been drooling over Fair Island pieces since I started knitting but have been too intimidated to try it.  That is, until now…

I decided to just jump right in, full-speed ahead, with the Endpaper Mitts.  I’m trying to learn stranded knitting using both hands to tension the yarn and, as expected, I’m having some tension issues.  Hopefully some of these issues will work themselves out in blocking.  I also made an itsy-bitsy slip-up in the pattern a number of rows back and refuse to go back to correct it.  (If you don’t tell anyone, neither will I.  It’ll be our little secret…)  All-in-all, though, I’m in love!!

Speaking of love, I’m also in love with another project I have undertaken this week:

I’ve finally convinced Andrew that some dedicated crafting space is needed and, much to his chagrin, have spent the past week working on getting it up and running.

It’s not complete yet but it is getting closer.  I love these shelves over my workspace:

And that there are cubbies for yarn (and other crafting goodness but mostly yarn!!):

I will share some more photos with you once the space is complete, or at least as complete as it’s going to get until the weather is suitable for repainting…

I have quite a busy weekend ahead of me but hopefully I’ll have time to stop in and say ‘hi’ sometime.