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Communal Living

Today, I came across this Etsy video about La Selva, a communal living space in Monterey Bay, California.

I have often considered what it would be like to live in a communal setting.  The benefits to this type of living arrangement seem plentiful, including access to a wider variety of skills than is possible for any one person or small family to attain, an environment of emotional and physical support and a sense of belonging and place that most of us do not get to experience in our typical urban and suburban lives.  I know there are also downsides, as there are to all things; however, La Selva seems like the kind of place I could envision myself living and loving.  Ultimately, I think that the keys to successful communal living are finding the right mix of people and place and maintaining a willingness to work hard.

Anyway, I thought that I would share this video with you all because La Selva is gorgeous!!  Hope you enjoy it.