Keep up with the addict

Boom & Bust

of my yarn stash, that is.  Let’s talk first about the boom…

There have been quite a few recent acquisitions; so, to be a little on the sane side, I’ll only talk about a few of my favorites.

First, some Rhinebeck goodies:

Peruvian Alpaca from A Touch Of Twist.  Sumptuous fingering weight 100% alpaca that comes in natural color blends such as this one and in a variety of beautiful dyed colors.  Great yarn at an even greater price.  I purchased some at last year’s festival and was so happy with it that I returned to buy more – 2 skeins of Charcoal Gray to be exact.

100% Merino from Oasis Farm Fiber Mill.  I couldn’t resist the heathery deep red of this yarn.  I bought both skeins that were left.  Oasis Farm also has great prices and was one of the only vendors I saw that carried some lovely bunny yarn this year.

Finally, Grandma’s Blessing from Briar Rose Fibers.  After hearing about Briar Rose Fibers on all those old episodes of Cast On, I am proud to now be an owner of some of their wonderful yarn.  The colors at their booth are gorgeous and I had to struggle to leave with only one skein.  I was really attracted to the combination of deep orange-y reddish golds, bright blues and earthy greens in this skein.  It reminds me of looking up through the branches of a sugar maple tree in autumn – a lot of reddish golden leaves mixed with a few leaves hanging onto their summery greens and little bits of crisp blue autumn sky peeking through.  With 450 yards of gorgeous sport weight superwash merino at my fingertips, I should be able to make something lovely.

Separate from the festival, there was also a recent purchase from The Sanguine Gryphon that included some lovelies for me:

and one lovely for gift making:

I have been drooling over The Sanguine Gryphon’s colors for quite a while and, let me tell you, they do not disappoint in person.  They yarn is sumptuous and the colors saturated and satisfying.  I can’t wait to start knitting up some gift socks from that final skein above – Little Traveller in the Hanoi colorway.  It’s just a shame that I’ll have to give it away once the gift is finished…

As you can see from this short but effective demonstration, the stash boom has been good – very, very good indeed – which brings me to the second portion of this post’s title: bust.  I’ve been thinking that it is about time for some stash busting…

It’s not only about saving money and my and Andrew’s sanity, but also about getting to enjoy all the wonderful yarn I have.  It’s about slowing down and appreciating all the luscious yarn I have purchased over the years because I wanted to knit with it.  Besides, I work well creatively with some constraints, even if they are self-imposed.  For these reasons, I’ve been considering turning 2010 into a year of stash dieting/busting.  I haven’t yet worked out all the details in my head; I will be sure to share the rules I come up with when I do, though.