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Baby Bubbles

Recently, I have been feeling the urge to cheat on my knitting…  with crochet!!  Not just any project, mind you.  No; this is the not the kind of urge to be satisfied with a potholder or dishcloth.  Rather, I’ve had this crazy, deep-seeded craving to crochet an afghan.  So, in line with my usual over-the-top personality, I decided it would be a good idea to make two afghans.

The first of these afghans is for Andrew and I.  Currently, Andrew and I use two separate afghans, each inherited from our respective families.  The one that I use is more like a throw – too wide but not long enough to completely cover me; it is made of large granny squares and is blue.  Andrew’s is mostly brown and striped.  This setup kind of drives me a bit insane; so, the motivation for the onset of this crochet craving in the first place was to make a queen-sized afghan for our bed.  After searching through many patterns and projects on Ravelry, I decided on a hexagon blanket using the Hexagon How-To from Attic24, in dark brown, white, blues, greens and purples.

Now, although this will sound like sacrilege to many of you out there, I decided that I’m going to make this afghan out of…*gasp*…acrylic.  The main reason for this decision is that I simply do not have a suitable place to lay a queen-sized afghan to dry.  This means that wool is simply out of the question.  But more on this project, once I get further into it.  On to the main event…

The second of these afghans is for one of my sisters, or more specifically for my soon-to-be nephew.  Although I don’t know if I’ve completely come to grips with the fact that one of my sisters is pregnant and I will soon be an uncle, I feel an obligation of sorts to make a baby afghan for my future nephew.  If my mother were still around, she certainly would have crocheted one, no questions asked.  Since I’m currently the only one if the family who crochets, besides my maternal grandmother whose arthritis prevents her from crocheting on a regular basis, I feel the responsibility of tradition falls to me.

Given that the baby is due in early February and the baby shower is supposed to take place in January, I don’t have a lot of time.  So, I thought I better get started as soon as possible.  Thus, I introduce to you Baby Bubbles:

Again, I’m using acrylic, this time for ease of care.  My sister isn’t one to handwash anything and, besides, babies are a bit messy so no-fuss washing and drying are essential.  In this case, I’m using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice – soft yet durable, also, ridiculously cheap because of an insane sale at the new A.C. Moore that opened near my house this past weekend.  Seriously, I got 1360 yards for less than $14.

The pattern is The Wool Eater Blanket from Sarah London.  Gorgeous!!

I have to admit that it took a bit of time to decipher the pattern but, once that the hurdle was crossed, it has been smooth sailing.  The pattern is fairly simple, good for a beginner like me, and easy to memorize.  While I know the overall pattern is supposed to resemble diamonds, I can’t help but think “bubbles” when I look at it…

Oh well.  Hopefully it’ll be a hit!!  If it isn’t, I might just have to keep it for myself because I’m in love with the pattern and the color combination.