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A visit to Connecticut

My how time flies! My best intentions to blog more seem to have gotten away from me a bit… Life has been a bit busy all around lately. Travel has been one of the things that have been keeping me busy.

Last weekend, Andrew and I visited some friends in Connecticut.  We spent Friday in and around Bridgeport with said friends, visiting some museums and galleries, taking a chilly walk near the water, and, of course, eating.  One of the most exciting highlights of the day was dinner; our friends took us to a wonderful restaurant, Bloodroot Restaurant.  Bloodroot Restaurant is a feminist restaurant that serves up exclusively vegetarian – mostly vegan – fare.  The restaurant was warm and inviting, as was the delightful co-owner Selma.  If you’re ever in Bridgeport around dinner time, stop in for a wonderful meal.

On Saturday, Andrew and I  trekked out on our own to New Haven, most notably the home of Yale University.  We spent the day walking around town – visiting museums and libraries, buying a bit of yarn, and – again – eating!  I thought that I might share some photos with you to give you a feel for Yale:

 In our travels, we visited the Sterling Memorial Library, Yale’s main library.  Unfortunately much of it was under construction.  We did get to see some interesting parts though:

We also visited the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. In addition to looking a bit like a spaceship, the library was pretty awesome. The stacks are visible in a giant multi-story glass cube in the middle of the library. This is surrounded by two levels of exhibition space open to the public, which is enclosed in the outer walls of marble that allow light to come through during the day. I really enjoyed looking through the exhibitions and wish I could have wandered the stacks…

Well, those are all the photos I’ve got for you.

On my plate this weekend, Andrew and I are attending a Potato Party! That’s right, a Potato Party – a party devoted to eating one of nature’s best creations, the potato (and it’s many variations) in some delicious creations, potluck style. I cannot wait! I’m trying out two new recipes for this shindig – Japanese-style Potato Salad and Nikujaga – both made vegan, naturally. If they turn out well, I’ll post the recipes here on the blog. If not, I’ll only subject the party attendees to them…