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Family Photos: Holiday Joy

This week I have been thinking about where I’d really like to take marginalia in the year to come.  As part of this, I’ve been evaluating some of the “regular” features that I started over the life of the blog.  One such feature, Family Photos, was concerned with bringing you along on the journey . . . → Read More: Family Photos: Holiday Joy

happy things for hump day, 2011.#01

It’s Wednesday. I need some happy things to get me over that hump in the middle of the week. I thought you might, too; so, some of the things that have made me smile recently:

Fantasizing about following an Instructable’s tutorial about making a Steampunk Mr. Potato Head.  This tutorial is just awesome!!  I . . . → Read More: happy things for hump day, 2011.#01

I’m back!

I’m not going to talk about New Year’s resolutions…  How I want to blog more…  How I want to read more…  How I want to cook more…  How I want to bake more…  How I want to knit more…  Especially socks!

I won’t speak about how much yarn I have…  and how I’d like . . . → Read More: I’m back!