Keep up with the addict

False start

For several weeks, I have been toying with the idea of participating in the Ravelympics this year.  The basic concept behind the Ravelympics is to challenge oneself to start and finish a fiber related project during the duration of the Olympic games.  Cast on during the opening ceremonies and bind off before the end . . . → Read More: False start

Reality check

Over the weekend I came to the conclusion that Baby Bubbles simply was not going to be done in a reasonable amount of time to be of any use to my new baby nephew.  Faced with the fact that I’m supposed to meet the little one for the first time this coming weekend, I . . . → Read More: Reality check

Taking stock

Recently, I’ve been working on documenting the stash in all its glory.  I have held off on creating my own database to do this for now and have instead been recording the information over on Ravelry.

I want to document, as accurately as possible, the color and texture of the yarns in the stash . . . → Read More: Taking stock