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Photographic Friday: revoke

1revoke \ri-‘vōk\ verb

to annul by recalling or taking back; rescind <revoke a will> to bring or call back

intransitive verb

to fail to follow suit when able in a card game in violation of the rules

ETYMOLOGY: Middle English, from Anglo-French revocer, revoquer, from Latin revocare, from re– + vocare to . . . → Read More: Photographic Friday: revoke

Communal Living

Today, I came across this Etsy video about La Selva, a communal living space in Monterey Bay, California.

I have often considered what it would be like to live in a communal setting.  The benefits to this type of living arrangement seem plentiful, including access to a wider variety of skills than is . . . → Read More: Communal Living


My apologies for the prolonged blog silence.  I promise that I haven’t forgotten about or abandoned marginalia.

Things have just been a bit hectic around here, as they’re want to be during December.  I thought, however, that I would provide you with a list of some things that have been happening since my last . . . → Read More: The BLOG! The BLOG!