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Baker's Dozen 2009

For me, the day after Thanksgiving signals the start of the winter holiday season.  Above all things the winter holiday season means baking to me – lots and lots of cookies!!  There is nothing I love more than listening to holiday music while baking, so today I thought that I’d share with you some . . . → Read More: Baker's Dozen 2009

The little pleasures

Yesterday was rainy and cold.  Work was chaotic.  I had to walk home in the rain with one of the tiniest umbrellas known to man.  And it was the night to clean the guinea pig cage.  Things were looking grim…

Thankfully there were a few little pleasures waiting for me at the end of . . . → Read More: The little pleasures

W.M.G.F.: 360 Cities

So, in my recent internet travels, I came across this awesome site: 360 Cities

360 Cities is one of a host of sites that are exploring the concept the geospatial web, or geoweb.  The term geoweb refers to the combination of geographical data with the more abstract information available on the internet; think spatialization . . . → Read More: W.M.G.F.: 360 Cities