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Soundtrack for Sunday: 30 August 2009

So, so much going on right now.  I’m so tired…

I’m So Tired :: The Beatles [The White Album] Subterranean Homesick Alien :: Radiohead [OK Computer] Sugar Magnolia :: Grateful Dead [Skeletons From The Closet: The Best of Grateful Dead] Neighborhood #1(Tunnels) :: The Arcade Fire [Funeral] My Sweet Lord :: George Harrison [All . . . → Read More: Soundtrack for Sunday: 30 August 2009

Photographic Friday: dominion

dominion \də-‘mi-nyən\ noun

domain supreme authority; sovereignty plural: an order of angels often capitalized: a self-governing nation of the Commonwealth of Nations other than the United Kingdom that acknowledges the British monarch as chief of state absolute ownership

ETYMOLOGY: Middle English dominioun, from Middle French dominion, modification of Latin dominium, from dominus [14th . . . → Read More: Photographic Friday: dominion

Tuesday's Tidbits (& Sips): 25 August 2009

So, I was going to share a story about and a recipe for zucchini bread today.  Sadly though, I did not have a chance to put the recipe in last night and I forgot to bring it with me today.  Also, tonight is knit night, meaning that I won’t get home until quite late . . . → Read More: Tuesday's Tidbits (& Sips): 25 August 2009