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Photographic Friday: setup

setup \‘set-ˌəp\ noun

a: carriage of the body; especially: erect and soldierly bearing; b: constitution, makeup a: the assembly and arrangement of the tools and apparatus required for the performance of an operation; b: the preparation and adjustment of machines for an assigned task a: a table setting; b: glass, ice and mixer served . . . → Read More: Photographic Friday: setup

Technical Difficulties

Because I’m in the process of installing a new hard drive in my laptop, I am currently unable to access the photos that I want to use in this week’s Tidbits (&Sips).  Consequently, it’s posting will be postponed to later in the week.  Hopefully, I’ll have it up tomorrow if all goes well…

Soundtrack for Sunday: 12 July 2009

We got some new music from the performer we went to see on Friday night: Jay Brannan.  I’m loving the new cover album, In Living Cover; so, I thought I would start us off there.  Unfortunately, the album is so new that there is no Genius information available for the songs yet.  So, I’ll . . . → Read More: Soundtrack for Sunday: 12 July 2009