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Photographic Friday: English

1English \‘iŋ-glish\ or \‘iŋ-lish\ adjective

of, relating to, or characteristic of England, the English people or the English Language

ETYMOLOGY: Middle English, from Old English englisc, from Engle (plural) Angles [before 12th century] -Englishness noun

2English \‘iŋ-glish\ or \‘iŋ-lish\ noun

a: the language of the people of England and the United States and . . . → Read More: Photographic Friday: English


I just wanted to post to say that I’m sorry that I’ve fallen off the bandwagon of keeping up with marginalia.  Life seems to have snuck in over the past few weeks.  Now, I have a major project for my class due at the end of this week.

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Photographic Friday: prude

prude \‘prüd\ noun

a person who is excessively or priggishly attentive to propriety or decorum; especially: a woman who shows or affects extreme modesty

ETYMOLOGY: French, good woman, prudish woman, short for prudefemme good woman, from Old French prodefemme [1704]

La voce dei colori from Flickr user .chourmo.

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