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Book Club

Sorry for the blog silence.  The week has been quite hectic both at work and at home.

One of the highlights of my week, though, was book club.  I absolutely love going to book club!!  This was our third meeting and, I have to say, that it just keeps getting better.  My particular book . . . → Read More: Book Club

Saturday’s Sewing Efforts

As promised, I’m posting some photographs of the tote bag I made on Saturday, using my newly acquired Ikea fabric.

A shot of the front:

And a shot of the back:

And a shot of the lovely orange interior:

The basic pattern that I used came . . . → Read More: Saturday’s Sewing Efforts

The Ram Club, Series 2 Shipment 1

SPOILER WARNING:  For those of you who are part of The Unique Sheep‘s The Ram Club, Series 2 and haven’t yet received your February shipment, please skip this post for now.

For the rest of you, please click through to see some photos of the wonderful goodies…

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