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A Concerned Father to the Manager of K-Mart

I composed this poem as part of an assignment for a poetry course I took during my undergraduate years at the University of Delaware. I’m still fond of it…

I regret to inform you of our two friends.
I returned home last night to find them dead –
Crimson spots strewn across the vast expanse
Of snow-white carpet, now speckled in red.
The two were mutilated by vicious fangs
And my furniture covered with shreds of garnet
Flesh, with shards of bone from which vermilion hangs
Overflowing my fireplace hearth of old granite.
They both have been severed at what were their seams
And next to one rag pile laid a moist red tongue,
Some parts were lying across the high beams.
It’s a shame to think of losing our friends so young.
So it is, my poodle has torn them both to bits,
Those little red shoes I had bought for my kids.

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