Keep up with the addict

Coming up for air…

Sorry about the recent blog silence.  The past few weeks have been clogged with crazy homework and work-work and bit of travel, which also turned out to be a tad crazy.  The weeks have also been filled with some knitting ADD…  Anyway, I have things to share; so, updates are in the works!!  But . . . → Read More: Coming up for air…


Where has the time gone?  I think that life kind of got carried away with me…

Sadly, that has meant no blogging.  Really, it has meant very little time with the internets in general.  I have so much blog reading to catch up on!!

Anyway, the blog silence is about to be broken!  I . . . → Read More: eep!


No, I don’t smoke but I do make New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve been toying with a lot of ideas lately.  I mean a whole lot of ideas.  There are so many things I wish that I did, were better at doing or were better about doing.  Thus, the reason that it has taken . . . → Read More: Resolve