Keep up with the addict

I eat plants…

…pretty much exclusively now. Yesterday marked the end of my fourth week following a plant-based diet. To some of you, this is fresh news. To you, I say “SURPRISE!”

To be fair, there have been a couple of exceptions:

I have been using a Japanese dressing that I bought earlier in the year that . . . → Read More: I eat plants…

I’ve missed you

For the past several weeks, I have really missed blogging.

That’s right; I said “I have really missed blogging.” And I do. I miss having the opportunity to share my ideas, opinions, joys, adventures, crafts, and cooking with an (admittedly small) group of fellow humans that I might not otherwise get to interact with . . . → Read More: I’ve missed you

An Irish Odyssey

So, it’s been a while…  I’m aware of this.  You’re aware of this.  Let us move on…

I wanted to let you know that I’m leaving very soon for Ireland and I plan on sharing my travel experiences along the way through posts over on my tumblr: notes from the margin.  The reason for . . . → Read More: An Irish Odyssey