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Family Photos: Holiday Joy

This week I have been thinking about where I’d really like to take marginalia in the year to come.  As part of this, I’ve been evaluating some of the “regular” features that I started over the life of the blog.  One such feature, Family Photos, was concerned with bringing you along on the journey . . . → Read More: Family Photos: Holiday Joy

Family Photos: Roots of an addiction

I wonder if this photograph is the heretofore missing link to finding the roots of my fiber addiction…

Or perhaps the addiction set in much earlier, with exposure to things such as the intense ripple afghan seen in the background of this photograph:

and the psychedelic pillow seen in the background of . . . → Read More: Family Photos: Roots of an addiction

Family Photos: Power Ranger

Can you find me in this photograph?

No?  I promise I’m there.  I’m not invisible.  I’m not hiding behind someone.  I’m not disguised as a bush.

That’s right…  You guessed it; I’m the one suffocating inside the Red Power Ranger costume.

This was a birthday party for one of our neighbors’ sons.  They . . . → Read More: Family Photos: Power Ranger