Keep up with the addict

The best laid plans…

..are always the ones that seem to fail.  Most especially when it comes to me.  Oh well!  I’m gonna make them anyway.  It’s what I do.

Let’s talk a little about knitting, shall we?  I have way, way, way too many WIPs in my house, many of which haven’t seen the light of day . . . → Read More: The best laid plans…

Problems with finishing

I’ve been having a lot of trouble finishing knitting projects recently:*

That’s my stack of projects that are almost finished.  Some need to have ends woven in; some need blocking.  Sadly enough, a couple have already been blocked and just need to have ends snipped off and photographs taken…

So, shall I tell . . . → Read More: Problems with finishing

prep work

I am super excited about my upcoming trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend.  As I’ve mentioned, this will be my first year attending, so I don’t know what to expect, but everyone I’ve heard from has had wonderful things to say about the festival.

In order to get the most . . . → Read More: prep work